Monday, March 30, 2009

A new look

I'll be sporting a someone slightly took a bite out of me look for a bit until my fur grows back in. No, no one bit me, its just shaved and looks funny. A few days ago I volunteered to be a blood donor to a kitty who lost quite a bit, unfortunately despite everyone's efforts she didn't make it past midnight that same night.

It was a bit scary but I was very brave for Lakeside's sake.

On a side note, we actually have two of her kids from a past litter up for adoption at the center, Sunny Boy and Sparky, who are a little bit shy, having been outdoor kitties for a bit, but sugary sweet once they feel comfortable.

I was able to help her out as much as I did, only because it was an emergency. My blood's not as good as it could be, I want to be able to help more kitties, but I have too much fatty stuffs inside my blood. So they're making me eat this diet type food, which is o.k. , Maddie was right, its not so bad. For those of you who don't know her, she's the kitty here who always gets asked if she's pregnant. She's worked hard and eats right and has lost about 2 lbs since January, which is a pretty big deal, and is now a solid 15lbs.



I'm looking forward to being a healthier mancat, but I wonder if I'm going to lose my mannish figure.


  1. You're a hero Tom! We're so sorry that the kitty didn't make it. Our V-E-T always steals our blood from our necks too:( Maybe they're vampires!

  2. I didn't know cats could donate blood. I'm going to talk to my vet about that next time I see her!

  3. We'z sorry she din't make it Tom, yoo were furry brave to donate blood to her.

  4. Tom you really are one brave Mancat and our hero for doing all you could to help a kitty in need. Sorry to hear the kitty didn't pull through, but you did a wonderful, selfless thing to help.

    Maddie, keep up the good work girl, you're looking great!

  5. Tom you are my hero! It's so great that you give blood to help other kitties. I wish the kitty that you tried to help had made it, but I'm sure she is happy at the bridge now.

  6. You're a very sweet Mancat to donate your blood. We're sorry the kitty didn't make it, but you did a very wonderful thing donating your blood.

    Sniffie and the Florida Furkids

  7. How selfless of you to donate blood when asked. You are a fine fine cat.

  8. Oh Tom, what a noble thing you did donating your blood for that kitty...we're sorry she didn't make it, though....your shaved neck is a badge of honor!

  9. You're very brave to step in to try and help that kitty by donating some of your bloods. We're sorry that she didn't make it, but at least she passed away amongst furriends.


    Gypsy & Tasha

  10. Oh Tom, you are so brave to have helped that poor kitty. We are sorry that she did not make it.
    Smoochies to you - you're a great cat!

  11. Super hero Tom!
    Here a kiss for your brave!!


    Good job, Tom! I'm sorry she didn't make it, but u have tried~ don't worry~

  12. Tom, you are a true hero!

    And I am very proud of Maddie for doing so well on her diet.

  13. Tom, we are very impressed wiv your selfles bravery. we are soryy the kitty didn't make it - but you did your very best to help.

    Don't worry about losing your mannish figure - you're a mancat thro and thro.

  14. Such a brave cat!

    I tagged you for an award! Stop by Cat Philanthropy for it!


  15. That was very nice of you to donate some of your blood for the ill kitty. Hope you are doing well. Purrs and hugs :)

  16. We just found your blog and signed up to follow, and we look forward to getting to know all of you! Teri is a tech at an all cat hospital too, and they have 2 clinic cats too. But you are extra special and very brave, too!