Thursday, March 19, 2009

Another Tired Thursday

As I wind down another day, a funny realization hits me. Of the cats that have ear notches and are up for adoption, all but one are black and white, and the one that isn't, is gray and white. So that's almost like black and white, like...dilute black and white.

There's Marc:

and Stretch:

and Montey:

and the back of Mollie's head, because her notch doesn't show up really well from the front:


  1. That's a funny coincidence. Marc looks like a tiny Stretch!

  2. Montey looks cool! Like he dipped his head in a black paint can. Funny Montey!

  3. We thought that only feral cats get notched.

  4. @tristan and crikey - This is true, these were cats brought in from the outside, apparently feral, but at some point it was realized they were actually not all wild and were given a second chance. :)

  5. Oh, oh, Zippy hissed at Montey but Sadie sez he's handsome...he looks a little like Sadie!

  6. Whata great group of tuxies!! Hope they get the loving homes they deserve!!!

  7. Those are nice lookin' kitties. I hope they find homes soon!

  8. I am glad that they all get a second chance. I hope they find forever homes soon. They are a good-looking bunch.

  9. We hope the lovely Tuxies all find nice forever homes. I'm a Tuxie and Mom says I'm very speshull. Alfie is (my little bruvfur) is grey and he's speshull too.

    Milo xx

  10. Tom, you have just hit the nail on the head, so to speak.

    When we brought Godiva, who is all black, inside, she had an ear notch. The vet confirmed that someone had spayed her and rereleased her out into the wild. This means they neither gave her or any of her children a home.

    This is cruelty.

    And I can tell you in a simple sentence why no one wants black cats: People think they're cursed. I've never heard such a load of horse apples in my life.

    Email me, please, Tom. I'd like your permission to attach a link to this post from one of my posts on Cat Philanthropy. Thank you.

    -a very angry Lily Locke