Tuesday, March 10, 2009

So I was taking a break in the sun...

...when I thought to myself, "Self, its been a while and I don't actually know how big I am these days." I went to measure myself with a ruler, then I remembered I don't have thumbs.

I got a couple of the humans with thumbs to help me out. Turns out I am about 2 feet 5 inches long, with about 11 inches of that being tail! Next I wanted to see how much I weighed!

And the grand total was:

17 lbs 11.5 ounces!

I like being a great big mancat, more for the sun to shine on!


  1. Whoa! Tom, that's very impressive!

  2. Hi Tom it is very nice to meet you! I can't wait to read your blog and find out all about you.

    17 pounds is great for a mancat!

  3. Tom, you're a whole lotta mancat!

    ~Maggie May and The Creek Cats~

  4. My goodness you're a big boy, and a handsome one, too... we're all floof and underneath only weigh in at 6 lbs. !!!
    Your friends, Maggy and Zoey

  5. You are one big handsome mancat!!!! I am not quite 8 lbs.

  6. Hoo-Boy! You are a big mancat!

  7. You are a big mancat!! I hope I grow big and strong like you!

  8. you are very handsome and that tummy!! i just want to squee!!!

  9. Hey Tom! We have given you an award, stop by our blog sometime and pick it up, ok!

  10. Over 17 lb! Very impressive, Tom.

    George & Max (your fellow Mancats)

  11. Tom!
    Thanks for purr and purraying for our late Boody..
    U a so kind, and u are handsome too!

  12. Gawd, you are a big guy!

    You are aware that at 17 lbs they won't let you fly first class in an airplane aren't you? The airlines just don't get us big guy cats. Once you weigh more than 12 lbs they make you fly with the dogs in baggage. Disgusting.

    But if you absolutly have to fly, just jog off five lbs and you will be just fine!