Tuesday, March 3, 2009

My third birthday

No, its not today, it was back in February, but it has come to my attention that there's a certain kitty who has been pouting that their birthday was forgotten. Well Cheysuli, I can tell you that yeah, birthdays have their good sides, but there is a dark side. Human's can have really really REALLY bad ideas about what is "a good idea", case in point my "Birthday Hat."

When they first put it on me, I was like, ok., haha, funny guys, thanks.

But then they left it on ALL morning! Can you imagine? It was so embarrassing, especially when the patients saw me.
Later on they sought to appease me with a Mackaral cake.

It smelled good, but I was still really peeved.

Finally they realized (they can be a little slow sometimes) that I would not eat my cake until the atrocity they had put on me was removed.
It was pretty yummy, but I had to get back to work, so I only ate a little bit and went back to it. I told them take the rest past the swinging door to the adoption side so they could have some cake, too, I heard they really like it.
So yeah, some good came from it, but be grateful you didn't have to suffer public humiliation.


  1. Oh, the humiliation! That was a good idea, gone bad!

  2. Wow!!!! What a cool job you have!!

    Thanks so much for stopping by.

    Love your cake but that "hat" has to go. I think I am hearing circus music....

    Purrs Goldie

  3. I think even my humans know what would happen to them if they tried THAT. I AM sorry..

  4. Yeah, we agree...that "hat" was not a good idea! Why do the humans insist on doing stuff like that to us???

  5. Tom, I am glad you got to have some delicious mackerel cake! You were nice to share, too.

  6. Hi Tom! pleased to meet u!
    I'm now following your blog!

    Hey, is there any vacant job for me there, Tom?


  7. Oh yuk, NOT a good hat. Well, I've nefur seen a good hat for me. haha! I'm glad yoo gotted it off.

  8. Oh, yoo were so nice to share yoor cake wif effuryone...sorry dem silly humans made yoo wear dat dumb hat. Dey shouldn't do dat, yoo haf a furry importint pozishun der...

  9. I don't think that was a hat dude. It looked like a torture device to me!

  10. Our Beans know they would have been in BIg trouble if they tried that with us.
    Belated happy purrfday and we are glad you enjoyed your mackerel cake.

  11. Well at least the mackeral cake makes birthdays fun! The hat, not so much!

  12. Hmm, I hope you made the humans pay for making you suffer! It was very nice of you to share your cat though. You are a good mancat Tom.

  13. Happy furrday handsome


  14. We hope you had a nice birthday despite the silly collar. Humans are so strange sometimes.